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First Verlander, now Heston: When Cavs host a Finals Game 3, MLB responds with no-no

Cavs again host Game 3 of Finals on day of no-no

Since 1901, there have been 245 no-hitters, combined and solo -- fewer than two per season. In their 45-year history, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been to the NBA Finals exactly two times -- tied for the second-fewest among active franchises -- and Tuesday night's Game 3 against the Warriors marks just the third Finals game the city has ever seen. 

All of which is to say that both a no-hitter and a Game 3 of the Finals played in Cleveland are pretty rare occurences. The odds of them happening on the very same night? We're no math majors, but let's consult the official Cut4 Statistics Bureau:

Computer Drives Crow Nuts

... well, um, they're not very high. 

But, in the universe's unceasing effort to prove that sports are weird and none of this makes sense, we get this: 

The only two times Cleveland has ever hosted a Game 3 in the Finals, America's pastime has responded with a no-hitter. We feel comfortable calling that a trend, so let's dust off our crystal ball to look at what the future might hold for young Mr. Heston.

Charlton Heston

Er, sorry. Not that one.

Anyway, Chris Heston should be feeling pretty good about what the future holds: In 2007, Verlander followed up on his breakout '06 campaign, going 18-6 with a 3.66 ERA. As for the Giants, though, Detroit failed to reach the playoffs after making the World Series the year prior -- but hey, it's not an #evenyear, so that's to be expected. 

(As for the Cavs, um, this is the part where Cleveland fans look away.)

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