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Charlie Blackmon's tag-hopping slide was so mind-blowing even the umpire was fooled

Blackmon avoids tag at second with tricky slide

If you happened to be watching Monday's D-backs-Rockies game and saw this, you would probably assume baserunner Charlie Blackmon was dead to rights:

Blackmon slide

Not an unreasonable assumption! Except that Charlie Blackmon is apparently a wizard who scoffs at the futile attempts of infielders to tag him:

Blackmon slide

Wait, he did what now? We need a closer look:

Blackmon slide slo

Blackmon's trickery was so impressive, even the umpire didn't catch it at first glance -- Blackmon was initially ruled out, but the call was overturned on review. Elsewhere in Adventures Sliding into Second, however, Blackmon's teammate Brandon Barnes ... did not do so well:

Barnes slide

It was the best of slides, it was the worst of slides.

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