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Charlie Manuel's Twitter feed has turned him into the Mr. Miyagi of hitting

Charlie Manuel is the Mr. Miyagi of hitting advice

After his time as the Phillies' skipper ended, Charlie Manuel took his 1,000 Major League managerial wins and his wealth of baseball knowledge to the team's front office, where he now serves as a senior advisor to general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. When he's not taking in Minor League games and monitoring talent for Rube, Manuel has found a new hobby to keep himself occupied: dispensing hitting (and life) advice on Twitter.

Now, if you ever had the pleasure of watching Manuel navigate a post-game press conference, you'd know that the man is full of one-liners and adages. He's like a wise-but-weird hybrid of Mr. Miyagi, Looney Tunes character Foghorn Leghorn and baseball mechanics wizard Tom Emanski.

In an effort to become the best version of ourselves that we can manage to be, we poured through the literal DOZENS of tweets that have come from the hands and mind of Manuel to pull out a few gems:

1. Study the game.

Know Thyself

2. Discipline first, mechanics second.

Know Thyself

3. *Shameless plug*

Know Thyself

4. Slow feet ...

Know Thyself

5. We just couldn't help ourselves ...

Know Thyself

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