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Listen to the Tigers' Nick Castellanos tell a story about being chased off third base by goats

Nick Castellanos was once chased off base by goats

"Monkeys riding dogs herding goats" is somehow neither the premise for Pixar's neither next big hit nor the setup up for some elaborate farming joke (as far as we know). It is, however, the beginning of Tigers rookie Nick Castellano's most bizarre baseball memory.

When a young fan called into Chatting Cage to ask Nick Castellanos what his weirdest baseball experience was, the Tigers rookie didn't even have to think about it. As you can see in the video above, he immediately launched into a story about a promotion that happened during his time with the West Michigan Whitecaps, in which monkeys riding dogs herded goats across the field. The monkey apparently had it in for Castellanos and directed part of the herd towards him.

Castellanos' story is delightful, but would you like to see these dog-riding monkeys in action? Of course you would. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are monkeys riding dogs herding goats across the field of a professional sporting event:

The monkeys and their mounts are called Team Ghost Riders, which leaves us hoping that the next Whitecap promotion will look something like this: 


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