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Jose Bautista's bat flip to end all bat flips has already been forever commemorated as a tattoo

Jose Bautista's bat flip is already a tattoo

After Jose Bautista homered and bat flipped his way into postseason legend and Blue Jays lore, we knew it would be a defining moment in Toronto sports. Little did we know just how quickly it would be turned into a piece of body art, though. 

Less than 24 hours after the home run that changed the city, Toronto tattoo artist Scoot Mason set to work permanently placing Bautista and his levitating bat onto a fan's leg. 

You can see his process from the first sketchings. It's like looking at the early work of Pablo Picasso, if Pablo Picasso did baseball art: 

Told You We Going In Today @bluejays @joeybats19 #bluejays #alcs #waitforit #fyink #scootink ⚾️⚾️

A photo posted by Scoot Mason (@scootscootmason) on

To the full and finished piece: 

The slugger himself caught wind of it and added:

"I have heard and seen some crazy stuff in the last 24 hours but this one takes the prize home!! #ImOnSomeonesBodyForever"

And, if that wasn't enough, a Toronto ice cream shop gave the moment its own unique spin (in chalk, rather than permanent ink):

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