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Chipper Jones likes the way Twitter works it

Braves legend Chipper Jones joined Twitter a few weeks ago, introducing fans to some of his idiosyncratic terminology like using "go yicketty" to mean "hit a home run." The sumptuous pun potential of such a phrase was fully realized on Monday when a paper cut-out Chipper, joined by Jason Heyward and a number of other past and present Braves personalities, appeared on YouTube singing a "Go Yicketty" song in the style of Blackstreet's 1996 hit "No Diggity."

Made by former MLB Fan Cave resident Ricky Mast, the lyrics incorporate two other Chipperish words, "mammo" (meaning "big bomb") and "Roadrunner" (meaning "Braves third baseman Juan Francisco.") A black dress-clad Peter Moylan, a cartoonishly muscular Dan Uggla and uniformed former owner Ted Turner also make cameos in paper form.

-- Dan Wohl /

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