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Chipper Jones rescued Freddie Freeman on an ATV during Tuesday's Atlanta snowstorm

Chipper Jones rescues Freddie Freeman from snowstorm

A snowstorm hit Atlanta on Tuesday, causing massive traffic tie-ups thoughout the city. One victim was Freddie Freeman:

What would become of the All-Star first baseman? Would he simply wither away in the interminable gridlock? Enter an unlikely superhero: Chipper Jones. Hearing the call of a former teammate in trouble, the future Hall of Famer sprung into action. Behold the face (and camo-clad body) of Freeman's salvation:

Freeman left his car in a parking lot and caught a ride home on Jones' ATV -- and Chipper came prepared:

"It was frigid," said Jones, who also took some extra clothes for Freeman to wear as they made their way back toward their respective homes.

While the freezing temperatures might have made this final leg a little uncomfortable, Freeman was thrilled to just get out of the horrific traffic jam that he had battled for nearly 11 hours.

"He was about at his wits' end when I got to him," Jones said. "He was pretty happy to see me, especially with how I was dressed."

In case you were worried that the ATV might not also be decked out in hunting camo, allow this tweet from Chipper's girlfriend Taylor Higgins put you at ease:

And let no one say that Freeman was not appreciative:

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