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Chris Archer experiences a lifetime of emotion in two at-bats

Rays rookie starter Chris Archer is not exactly what you'd call stoic. During his start against the Red Sox on Wednesday, he appeared to inhabit the full spectrum of human feelings in one two-inning stretch.

First, he gave up a home run to Daniel Nava in the third inning. His reaction was one of burying his head in his hands, shock, dismay, self-hatred, and the yelling of a word I'd get in trouble for spelling out. 

But in the fourth inning, Archer struck Nava out with the bases loaded. This time, he reacted with a leap into the air off the mound, a fist pump, pride, ebulliance, and what I'm pretty sure was a Kaepernick-style bicep-kiss.

Check out both ends of Archer's demonstrative display above.

-- Dan Wohl /