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How many White Sox fielders does it take to catch a Chris Carter double?

Chris Carter drops double in between three fielders

There's an old joke that goes something like, "How many outfielders does it take to catch a ball hit to shallow right-center field?" In the top of the ninth inning of the Astros' game against the White Sox on Tuesday, Chris Carter's answer was "more than three."


Carter popped up a pitch from Zach Duke right into the hole of Chicago's shift, sending the White Sox defense scrambling into motion.  

Sox second baseman Emilio Bonifacio, running over and backwards, almost caught it; right fielder Avisail Garcia, running up, almost caught it; even Adam Eaton, coming in from center field, almost caught it. But none of them did. The ball dropped in between the three of them, who, along with 2B umpire Brian Knight, nearly tripped over each other.

Eventually Bonifacio recovered and launched the ball to Alexei Ramirez covering second, but Carter slid in for one of the shallowest doubles possible.  

Hey, you know what they say: Three's a crowd. And though Carlos Correa homered in the next at-bat to bring the score to 4-2, the White Sox still pulled out the win. So, you know, no big deal. 

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