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Catcher Chris Gimenez will wax poetic about Cole Hamels' hair to keep him loose during starts

Cole Hamels is known for many things -- his ability to throw a baseball, his aptitude with a hot dog cannon -- but above all else, he's the owner of some pretty glorious hair. It's more than just a fashion choice: It's a baseball institution, and any report of a haircut is met with grave despair. Just look at it: 

Hamels hair

So, it only makes sense that when trying to keep the Rangers ace loose on the mound during starts, catcher Chris Gimenez chooses those flowing locks as positive affirmation. And, apparently, Gimenez feels as passionately about it as the rest of us do, as he explained during Tuesday's press conference before Game 5 of the ALDS: 

"Sometimes I've walked out to him and I've talked about his hair because obviously I don't have any and he's got pretty good hair. So I'll talk about the wind's kind of fluttering his hair. I would be like, dude, your hair looks solid right now. It's the off-the-wall stuff like that that kind of snaps him out of it real quick. I found that that seems to be pretty productive when you need to get in there and calm."

Much as we appreciate the poetry of Gimenez's "Ode Upon a Lock of Hair," sometimes he has to break out the big guns: 

"Something like, hey, what kind of pizza do you like, or did you see this movie? Just dumb things, really."

Call it dumb all you want, but if the postseason teaches us anything, it's that your favorite movie can say a lot about you.