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Chris Rusin tries his hand at the hidden-ball trick, is foiled by time being called on the field

Growing up, there were three things that I constantly obsessed over that don't seem to come up very much as an adult: 

1. Quicksand

2. Bears hibernating

3. The hidden-ball trick

While the Rockies' Chris Rusin couldn't do anything about the first two, he at least tried his best at bringing back the hidden-ball trick against the Dodgers on Tuesday night. In the bottom of the seventh, Adrian Gonzalez stood with a small lead off second base with A.J. Ellis at the plate. Rusin, trying to look as cool and calm as possible, slowly sauntered his way toward second base before breaking into a sprint to tag Gonzalez.


Only problem: Time had already been called. All of that subterfuge and speed had been for nothing. All the years of hoping and waiting to pull his very own "Rookie of the Year" move were wasted. 

Adrian Gonzalez wasn't very impressed either.