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Chris Sale, restless waiting for his foot to heal, spends his time googling jokes

Chris Sale has been out with a foot injury since late February, and the cabin fever is starting to set in. Just imagine watching all of your teammates and friends partaking in Spring Training without you. It's a "Rear Window" sequel waiting to happen.

But there is hope: Sale threw a live bullpen session on Friday at near-full strength. And on Saturday, he divulged what's been occupying his time off the mound:

"I watched every episode of 'Breaking Bad' in, I think, 18 days. And I'm now starting to google knock-knock jokes."

And what happens when a person starts searching the Internet for jokes? That person starts telling them during press conferences:

"You can see, I'm losing my mind a little bit," Sale said.

I don't know, Chris, your mind seems sharp. That joke was pretty good.