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Christian Yelich came face-to-face with his doppelganger: SNL's Pete Davidson

SNL's Pete Davidson surprises doppelganger Yelich

A tall, lanky, baby-faced man wearing number 21 jogged out of the Marlins' dugout Tuesday afternoon, ready for stretches and batting practice before playing the Mets at Citi Field ... until Marlins strength coach Ty Hill kicked him off the field. 

No, that wasn't Christian Yelich getting loose and welcoming back pats from Dee Gordon -- it was merely his doppelganger/possible bizarro-world version, Pete Davidson from "Saturday Night Live." And if you thought they looked alike already, just wait til they're wearing the same uniform. 

Yelich Davidson

"Every time we're in New York, everyone says I look like you," Yelich told the comedian after shrugging off the initial shock of seeing in person the man who could be his kid brother. 

Not even Ty Hill could stop SNL's Resident Young Person from frolicking around batting practice, imitating Ichiro and brushing shoulders with the rest of the roster. Yelich played along despite the definite possibility that Davidson is his evil twin, even inviting him into the clubhouse to "meet the guys."  



But this was no mere one-time gag. It was the culmination of months of jokes that Davidson could very well pass for Yelich in disguise. It also made some very niche trivia history: Davidson and Marlins hitting coach Frank Menechino made it two Staten Island residents in uniform in the Miami dugout. 

"I'll take our Yelly at the plate," Marlins manager Dan Jennings said. "If he can hit like Yelly, we'll put him in the lineup." 

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