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C.J. Wilson tells Dan Patrick how he'd want to die on 'Game of Thrones'

C.J. Wilson explains how he'd want to die on GoT

Angels starter C.J. Wilson is a big "Game of Thrones" fan -- so much so that watching a particularly tense episode left him emotionally "drained" ahead of a start. (Not that it mattered: Wilson allowed just two hits over seven innings while striking out eight.) On Monday morning, Wilson went on The Dan Patrick Show to break down the Angels' binge-watching habits, his particular Thrones fandom and the most important question: How he'd want to die on the show.

Wilson explained how binging TV shows is quite the time-killer for the Angels on road trips:

"We have these weird blocks of free time when we can watch three or four hours, you know, of compiled video at a time when we're on the road in some boring city or something like that. … It keeps kids off the street."

To end the interview, Patrick asked him a very important question: "If I said, 'Pick how you'll die on "Game of Thrones,"' how would you get killed?"

Wilson's response:

"The only real baller way to go is knife through the heart, which we've seen a couple of times, or the dragon eats you. … If you get killed by the dragon, that's super tight. … The most manly knight in the whole show is Brienne of Tarth, so if she's going to chop your head off gangster-style then that may be an OK way to go, but that means you've been doing bad things."

Check out the rest of the interview to get the lowdown on manager Mike Scioscia's preferred road-trip hobby, and why Thrones' penchant for "full frontals" makes Wilson glad he's a pitcher. But don't worry -- he didn't spoil Sunday's finale.

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