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Clayton Kershaw's heel-kick to Chase Utley demonstrated the rich tapestry that is life

When you read the details of Monday night's Rockies-Dodgers game, you see that Nolan Arenado hit a 1-4-3 groundout for the first out of the fourth inning. But, as can be the problem with numeration, the simple "1-4-3" is woefully inadequate when conveying the rich tapestry that is our world.  

Two life-enhancing things about that groundout:

1. The 1-4-3 were Clayton Kershaw-Chase Utley-Adrian Gonzalez. Sure, that's routine enough in September 2015, but try explaining that one to a fan from 2011. Forget Tinder or another Spider-Man reboot -- this is what would really blow some time-traveler minds.  

2. Kershaw did not simply field the ball and relay it to Utley behind him; this play was not so mundane.


And if you didn't notice, Kershaw struck a pose while heel-kicking the ball that Vin Scully accurately described as an "Olé," like a backward version of the dancer emoji.


Oh, what a full life this is.