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Chill Indians fan makes catch on homer with one hand, holds hot dog in the other

Picture yourself sitting in the stands, chowing down on a delicious ballpark hot dog. It's a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, the sun is shining and your team is up 11-0. Suddenly, a home run ball comes screaming in your direction. Do you:

A.) Fling the hot dog off to the side so you can use both hands on the catch? (This would be foolish and wasteful.)

B.) Joey-Chestnut the sweet pork goodness before the ball gets there? (Better, but not ideal.)

C.) Hand off the dog to the friend next to you and take it back after the catch? (He is not your friend -- he will eat your hot dog.)

D.) Do this?

Yes, D.). Just relax, hold your food in one hand and make the bare-handed grab with the other. Lose nothing, gain everything. Here's the fan from Wednesday's Rangers-Indians game discussing his excellent decision: