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Watch two college teams enjoy their rain delay more than you ever thought possible

Two college teams goof around during rain delay

Rain delays usually lend themselves to plenty of goofiness and merriment -- stranding 50 or so young men in the same place with nothing better to do with their time will generally produce at least a few shenanigans. There are the tried-and-true timekillers, like the ol' reliable slip-and-slide, and there are plenty of, uh, more newfangled traditions.

But these are mere trivialities, never rising above the level of pleasant distraction. During a rain delay in their game on Friday, though, the University of Louisiana-Lafayette and UL-Monroe baseball teams strived for something more -- immortality, or at least a news cycle or two. Carpe diem, boys, may you rain delay like a champion today:


Not content to take such a resounding Rock, Paper, Scissors defeat lying down, though, Monroe would rally, as the competition shifted to something far more beguiling.

Can you hear that rumbling in the distance? It can be but one thing. Brace yourselves, for it is coming ...



Don't do it to 'em, guys. The realization that, eventually, this will have to yield to an actual baseball game is actually a little upsetting.