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How do the 2015 Royals compare to other royals throughout history?

Comparing the 2015 Royals to historical royals

On Sunday, the Royals won their franchise's first World Series title in 30 years and just their second overall. Clearly, they've secured their place in baseball history, but where do they stand in respect to world history? How do the 2015 Royals compare with other crowned heads throughout the ages? No, not "crown-heads," because we're pretty sure that's just Sluggerrr:


You know, crowned heads, like ... Queen Victoria. For example, doesn't Ned Yost look like Prince Henry the Navigator? 


Was a Portuguese prince who was born in 1394 too much of a deep cut? OK, we'll try something a little more recent:

The House of Windsor Royals

Queen Elizabeth II and her family, including Princes Charles, William and Harry, are all part of the royal house of Windsor. While the KC Royals may not be the rulers of any nations or commonwealths, they certainly outstrip the Windsor royals when it comes to outward displays of emotion:


But honestly, this section just exists so we can compare cute babies. Here's a royal baby:


Here's a Royals baby:


Everyone wins!

Queen Boudica

Boudica was the leader of the British Iceni tribe, whose lands were occupied by the Roman Empire. After her husband died, Rome tried to completely annex her kingdom. She wasn't having any of that and led a massive rebellion that almost led to Rome withdrawing from Britain completely. But in the end, the Roman generals were victorious.

What does this have to do with the Royals? Just think of the Giants as Romans and the 2014 World Series as Boudica's military campaign against them. A scrappy underdog managed to push a champion to its very limits. However, Boudica did not have the winter to do some more hard work, so she couldn't put together the kind of comeback that the Royals did the next year.

However, both Boudica and the Royals were famously quick and both had their speed commemorated in art. Boudica and her warrior's chariot got a statue, and the Royals got this:


Fictional Royals

But how would the Royals hold up against fictional monarchs? Could Wade Davis control Daenerys Targaryen's dragons the way he controls the ninth inning? Could the starting infield successfully govern Narnia?


Perhaps more importantly, could a team of imaginary royals beat the actual Royals in a game of baseball?

Let's say Game 1 of the Fictional Worlds Series pits the real World Series-winning Royals against King Arthur and his dubiously historical Knights of the Round Table. Who would win? Well, if the movie "A Kid in King Arthur's Court" is any guide, we think reality wins in five. After all, the Royals already got the best of one knight

The song "Royals"

Say this song isn't history all you want, but Billboard's Top 100 year-end chart from 2014 begs to disagree. We think the KC Royals have quite an advantage in this comparison -- Lorde's hit only made it to No. 20, whereas the baseball team … well, they're No. 1:


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