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Confirmed: Josh Donaldson attends MNF game. Unconfirmed: Donaldson does the Ickey Shuffle.

Josh Donaldson's offseason activity: MNF

Update: Bengals win, 37-28. Somewhere, Donaldson is Shuffling.

It's the middle of the offseason, and Josh Donaldson is neither in his new city (Toronto) or his old one (Oakland). Instead, he's in Cincinnati, taking in the Monday Night Football matchup between the Bengals and Broncos. And if you're wondering who Donaldson is rooting for, well:

He seems to be having a good time. Do you think they'll make him one of these in Toronto?

And apparently the Bringer of Rain's scoring ways carry over to football, because the points are piling up in Cincy.  

Missing "S" or not, you can't call Donaldson a bandwagon fan when he name-drops vintage Bengals like Ickey.

Hey, if the Bengals win, maybe we'll even get to see Donaldson do the Ickey Shuffle.

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