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Corey Hart, forefather of the beard movement, says Josh Harrison will have Pirates' best beard

Corey Hart predicts who will have Pirates' best beard

Before baseball beards began spanning the globe, spreading across the faces of big league players like a fuzzy, invasive plant, Corey Hart was sprouting one. As a forefather of the movement, possessing what he calls "one of the first beards in the game," he knows he belongs on the "Mount Rushmore of beards ... next to Abe Lincoln up there."


Because of his historical role in the game, Hart is the best person to judge which Pirates player will have the better beard at the end of the year: Pedro Alvarez or Josh Harrison?


While Alvarez may have the edge right now, Hart sees Harrison taking the award. Said the right fielder: "It may take [Harrison] a while to grow, I don't know if he's got the fast grow. But I think Pedro may cut it before the season's over with." 

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