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Corey Kluber appears on cover of 'Popular Mechanics,' proves he is a robot after all

Corey Kluber appears on cover of 'Popular Mechanics'

Come on, we've all wondered it. Could Corey Kluber pass the Voight-Kampff test? One point in favor: He boasts some incredibly lifelike facial expressions:


However, his nickname is still "Klubot." And now, in case we needed more notches in the "Kluber is maybe not 100% human" column, the 2014 AL Cy Young award winner is on the cover of April's issue of "Popular Mechanics."

But plenty of baseball players have appeared on magazine covers, you say. Sure, magazines celebrating human athletes. But according to its Wikipedia description, "Popular Mechanics" is "a classic magazine of popular technology." Kluber is definitely popular, and this all but confirms that he's also technology, like a smartwatch that can teach you how to throw a curveball. Here's what he told the magazine:

I hold my curveball almost the exact same way that I hold my fastball -- with my index and middle fingers just along the narrow part of the seam. It's just a matter of manipulating my hand into a slightly different position during the release.

Yeah, Corey, you can move your hand that way because it's in your programming. When the rest of us get the same software upgrades you have, we'll give this a shot. 

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