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Cory Spangenberg hits ball into foul territory, wills it to roll fair with his mind

Cory Spangenberg's single lands foul, rolls fair

In the bottom of the first inning of the Padres-Giants matchup Friday night, Cory Spangenberg thwacked a pitch from Tim Lincecum into foul territory a few feet from the batter's box. There have been thousands upon thousands of fouled-off pitches just like it.

Only this time, the ball rolled fair -- a result of what we can only assume was the sheer force of Spangenberg's will.


The ball's re-route seemed to rattle Giants' third baseman Casey McGehee -- along with everyone who's seen a foul ball before -- and Spangenberg reached first base for the Padres' first hit. It was Spangenberg's only hit of the game, probably because it exhausts a lot of mental energy to telekinetically direct a ball into fair territory.

Or, perhaps, putting that kind of spin on a baseball takes, as the broadcasters put it, "a one-in-a-hundred infield hit."

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