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Counting down 10 of baseball's greatest bobbleheads for National Bobblehead Day

It's Bobblehead Day, so let's review the best

No less a reliable source than has dated the first reference to the bobbleheads to Nikolai Gogol's 1842 novel "The Overcoat", when the author astutely describes one of his character's necks as so:

"like the neck of plaster cats which wag their heads"

And they have that URL, so it must be true.

Ever since then, bobbleheads have made it their mission to take over the world. Major League Baseball became crucial to this mission, becoming one of the first sports to offer the gift to fans during the 1960 World Series. The heads, made of papier-mache, represented a player from every team and were, um, interesting

So, in honor of the first annual National Bobblehead Day, let us count down some of the most creative, interesting and terrifying dolls we've covered in recent years.

10. Jason Castro's rally-starting bobblehead

Although there's nothing special about its appearance, it did spark a comeback win over the A's last season. It is happy. It is magical.


9. Golden Darwin Barney

Darwin Barney won a Gold Glove for the Cubs in 2012, and the team recognized his achievement in the best way possible.


8. The Bernie Lean

Remember the Bernie Lean? Of course you remember the Bernie Lean. Well, in 2013, the A's paid tribute to their leanin' Coco in bobblehead form:

7. The Three-headed Monster

This was created by an Angels Class A affiliate and … wow.


6. Babe Ruth, Dodgers

Not many know that Babe Ruth ended his career as a first-base coach for the Brooklyn Dodgers, making a bobblehead honoring the fact an incredibly cool collectible:


5. Manti Te'o's Girlfriend

If you had a pulse back in 2012-'13, you'll recall the saga of Manti Te'o's girlfriend. She never existed. But the Florence Freedom, a team in the independent Frontier League, honored her with a bobblehead night, anyway. Picture below:








4. REAL-BEARDED Jayson Werth

There may not be anything more majestic on this Earth than Jayson Werth's beard. And last season, the Potomac Nats honored the right fielder with a fitting figurine:


3. Yasiel Puig human bobblehead

You can't take it home with you, but you probably wish you could:

Puig and Gonzalez bobblehead

Puig and Gonzalez bobblehead

2. Life-sized Max Scherzer

As the headline in the post states, Comerica Park's larger-than-life Max Scherzer bobblehead will stare into your soul. 


1. Keith Hernandez and his magical loogie:

Keith Hernandez's magical loogie is the stuff of baseball/Seinfeld legend. The Brooklyn Cyclones took it upon themselves to highlight the moment during a game last summer, and we are forever thankful for that.


Here are some of the best fan collections that have been tweeted throughout the day:




We know there many more heads that have been bobbling around the baseball world over the last 20 or so years, so please let us know your favorites in the comments.

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