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Cristiano Ronaldo takes over Dodger Stadium, juggles with Yasiel Puig

Photo: Carmen Vitali / Real-Time Correspondent

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the world's best soccer players -- playing forward for global powerhouse Real Madrid.

During a preseason trip to the States for the Guinness International Champions Cup, Ronaldo stopped by Dodger Stadium to throw out the first pitch and meet the Dodgers.

First, he met Matt Kemp who, apparently, is an enormous fan: 

Then, he got his customized Dodgers jersey from another young superstar:

Believe it or not, Ronaldo wasn't the only celebrity hanging around the Dodgers clubhouse:

And the two got along famously:

It was then that things took a turn for the spectacular:

They could do it with a soccer ball too:

It was totally crazy. Even the boss man was impressed:

Then, Ronaldo stepped inside the cage and ... well, he didn't have the greatest mechanics:

But Puig gave him a nice lesson while Ronaldo hooked Adrian Gonzalez up with an autograph:

Finally, it was time for the soccer star to throw out the first pitch. Unfortunately, soccer is a sport played with one's feet -- a fact which led to this unfortunate toss:

At least he'll always have soccer: