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Cubs broadcaster makes barehanded grab in booth, salutes Fenway crowd

Cubs broadcaster makes barehanded grab in booth

Cubs broadcaster Jim Deshaies was in the booth at Fenway Park for Monday's Cubs-Red Sox contest, obviously doing his job and talking about baseball for a living. In the top of the second with one on and two away, Deshaies took an impressive if brief break from his professional duties to dazzle the Fenway faithful with some spectacular handywork.

Darwin Barney fouls a 1-0 pitch up into the booth and Deshaies snags it with one hand, rising from his seat to salute the crowd after flashing the leather bare hand. Kudos, sir.


Hopefully that souvenir found its way into the possession of a Fenway youngster, as is required by baseball's bylaws and Boston's local ordinances (LAWYERED!).


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