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Cubs fan gets Jake Arrieta's face shaved into his head following Wild Card win

Cubs fan gets Arrieta's face shaved into his head

As someone whose cruel, cruel genes have stolen my hair from me at far too early of an age -- thanks a lot, Dad -- I can never have a hilarious and amazing gimmick 'do. That is, unless it somehow works with the already patchy patterns that are emerging atop my head.

So when I see people like this Cubs fan who is able to not only get Jake Arrieta and Arrieta's beard shaved into his head, but also the Cubs' logo with it, I can't help but feel extremely jealous. 

But if you do want such a 'do, it's not that difficult. It just takes two hours and about $150 dollars -- at least if you're going to Miguel Rosas' New Style Barbershop located outside of Chicago, where this fine creation was made. Talking to, Rosas said that he's a long-time Cubs fan who came up with the idea before the Cubs' showdown with the Pirates on Wednesday. But first, he had to find a willing subject.

"The night before I was calling around to customers who had good hair, asking if they could come in." After finding his "lucky charm," he went to work. Does he use stencils? Does he plan it out?

Not really.

"I find a picture I like, edit it a little so it's black and white and then just freestyle it. I start with the nose and center it on the back of the head," he explained. 

Even Arrieta chimed in with his approval. Whether that means we'll see the ace with an extremely meta haircut of his own face shaved into his head (and does that mean that his haircut avatar would also have Arrieta's face shaved into his head, continuing on for infinity?) -- well, we can only hope. 

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