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Cubs prospect Javier Baez showed off his power with a windshield-breaking home run

Who doesn't love a huge home run? Probably, the guy with the broken windshield.

Thus was the fate for Cubs fan Grant Smith, whose car was the unfortunate landing spot for shortstop Javier Baez's Spring Training blast:

When Baez heard about the accident, he acknowledged the car owner's woes:

"Somebody told me, but I didn't know that," Baez said about the freak accident. "It [stinks] for the person who parked there."

This is the Cubs' first spring at the new facility in west Mesa, and there are a few glitches.

"They're parking too close to the field," Baez said.

In fairness to Smith, anywhere in the same county is probably too close. Still, Baez offered to help pay for the windshield -- and included some advice:

That's probably wise -- especially when's No. 7 prospect is at the plate.

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