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Jonathan Herrera wore a helmet with disembodied hands on it in the Cubs dugout

Jonathan Herrera wore a helmet with disembodied hands

When Kyle Schwarber put the Cubs up, 1-0, with an RBI single during Chicago's 4-0 win on Wednesday night, he rubbed his hands on his helmet in the direction of the dugout ...

... where Jonathan Herrera was wearing this:


So, uh, why is Herrera sporting a helmet with a pair of disembodied hands attached to it three weeks before Halloween? Well, it's a literal representation of something Herrera and the Cubs have been doing all season.

According to's Carrie Muskat, whenever a player has reached base this season, he's turned to the dugout and rubbed his hands on his helmet towards his teammates -- just like Schwarber did in the first inning.

A couple of Cubs fans constructed Herrera's helmet, and apparently traded it to Pedro Strop. Eventually, it made its way onto the rightful head. 

And, less than an inning into the game, the helmet's moment came -- and Schwarber's single ignited the Cubs' win. We're not saying the disembodied hands are the reason for Schwarber's single, but we are just saying we've heard that the hands get what the hands want. 

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