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Cubs request X-box's, Keurigs and huge whirlpools for new Spring Training facility

If there is one thing that the Cubs enjoy, it's their down time.

With the team moving to a new Spring Training facility next season, the players have a couple of requests for the clubhouse.

"Xbox's in everybody's locker," said pitcher Blake Parker. "We have some fellow gamers in here and it would be fun after practice just to sit down and get a game of hockey or Call of Duty in."

Anthony Rizzo went a little old school and asked for a Ping-Pong table and a pool table.

The idea of a room dedicated to gaming was even floating around.

"Just a room with recliners and Xbox, PlayStation and Wii's hooked up all over the place," said pitcher Matt Garza. "Now that would be cool."

According to pitcher Jeff Samardzjia, a good seating area is really hard to find.

"Some nice big comfortable couches would be nice and a nice coffee machine too," said Samardzija. " Something that can give you many different options is always the best." 

Clearly hoping for a Keurig in 2014.

Other accommodations may have been a little more practical.

"A nice big whirlpool where you aren't crammed in there with guys," said Darwin Barney.

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-- Chelsea Bolyard / Contributor to

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