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Curtis Granderson's homer-robbing catch is the scariest movie Chris Coghlan saw this October

October is the month to watch scary movies. If you're like me, you watch them in broad daylight surrounded by a large group of strong, level-headed individuals. If you're like Chris Coghlan, you watch them during the second inning of NLCS Game 2 at Citi Field.


That's a "THE KILLER IS RIGHT BEHIND YOU!" face if I ever saw one.

To be fair, what Coghlan was watching was truly frightening: Curtis Granderson's leaping catch at the wall to rob him of a home run.


An action-packed thriller to everyone watching at home, that catch was more of a horror movie for the guy who hit the almost-homer, right around the time the protagonists decide to split up and head for the basement -- coming soon to your Halloween movie marathon. 

Here's hoping the Statcast™ numbers on Granderson's grab don't give Coghlan nightmares.

After Sunday's 4-1 win, the Mets head to Wrigley Field for Game 3 at 8 p.m. ET Tuesday on TBS, when Granderson will try to make a sequel as frightening as the first.