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Cut4 Forum: What number would you wear if you were an MLB player?

What number would you wear if you were a player?

Welcome to the Cut4 Forum, where we pose one question to both our staff and you about baseball, sports, pop culture, or some combination of the above. Today's topic: What number would you choose to wear if you were a baseball player? Check out our responses below and then let us know your own!

Mike Bertha: Growing up I was a catcher who also happened to be a baseball nerd. Thus, I wore number 15 for Thurman Munson and took great pleasure in explaining to bored tweens that they simply don't make catchers like they used to. Now I write about baseball's best facial hair for a living, so I guess it's all come full circle.

Michael Clair: I wish I had a great reason for this number, that I believed in numerology and the power of three threes or something. Unfortunately, my story is that in Little League, the last number left in my size was 9. I was told it was Ted Williams', a player I didn't know about yet, and that he was the last batter to ever hit over .400. Ever since then, the number stuck. Even if I hit less like Ted and more like Art Williams, who hit .228/.310/.246 in 1902.

Dakota Gardner: First of all, 0 kind of looks like a baseball. Also, historically, there was debate over whether it's even a number at all, and I like the idea of being somewhat existential with my choice. Thirdly, Russell Westbrook and Gilbert Arenas wear it, and they're objectively the greatest basketball players in history. Lastly, only 14 players have worn 0 in MLB history. I'd like to make it 15.

Gemma Kaneko: I've never been too attached to any number I had when I played childhood sports, and it's not like Cho Chang or Ginny Weasley has a Quidditch number I can adopt, so I'm picking 48. Yup, I'm going the sentimental route -- my dad was born that year and it's because of him that I love baseball as much as I do. Plus, I already have a Torii Hunter shirsey, so I wear the number all the time anyway.

Matt Monagan: I've always loved how 22 looks on a jersey -- maybe it's the uniformity, or maybe it's because of this guy. There are also so many great nickname cheers for the double-twos, whether it's "deuces wild," "dosey duo" or my favorite, "double deuce." Lastly, it's the number I wore while scoring four penalty kicks for my high school soccer team, and continued wearing on the bench after I choked my PK responsibilities away during the playoffs. Hey, at least I looked good (I think?).

Dan Wohl: I love everything Halloween-related so I've always been a fan of 13, which I rocked on my high school team. But I might prefer to highlight my sci-fi obsession and go with 47, which is hidden as an easter egg throughout the Star Trek universe. If you're familiar with the concept of "42" (in the Hitchhiker's Guide, not Jackie Robinson, sense) as "the meaning of life, the universe and everything," then you'll appreciate Trek producer Rick Berman's explanation of 47's significance: It's "42 corrected for inflation."

So what would you pick and why, Cut4 readers? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @Cut4.

UPDATE, 7:30 p.m. Friday: Here's a sampling of the reader responses we've received on Twitter: