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Episode 37 of the Cut4Cast: Wouldn't Mark Twain make a great broadcaster?

Cut4 Podcast: Would Mark Twain be a good broadcaster?

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When Vin Scully received the George H.W. Bush Distinguished Alumnus Award from the College Baseball Hall of Fame, the Cut4Cast staff learned that everyone's favorite Dodgers broadcaster once played baseball against the former president. Of course, that meant that Michael Clair, Dakota Gardner and Gemma Kaneko immediately began speculating on the historical figures they'd most like to share the diamond with.

They also talked about what to do with ballparks in the offseason (inspired by Petco Park's nine-hole golf course), and shared their tips for getting through the offseason doldrums.

Here's a breakdown to help you find your favorite topic:

7:01 -- What else could ballparks be used for in the offseason? 

19:50 -- What's the best way to cure the offseason blues? 

27:32 -- Which historical figure would you most like to play baseball with? 

Go listen to it right now -- don't you want to know why we said these things? 

Michael: "Oh, you mean Jeff Bagwell, intergalactic baseball warrior?"

Dakota: "If brevity is the soul of wit … let's just play five innings."

Gemma: "So, Monet gives you a gift, and you're like, 'I don't really like paintings so much. I wish you were Rodin and made a sculpture of me playing baseball.'"