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Episode 19 of the Cut4Cast: Detroit vs. Everybody

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Let's perform a thought experiment:

Imagine, if you will, that we collectively decide to dissolve the arbitrary border between a city's teams exactly one day a year -- that, for 24 hours, guys like Bryce Harper, Max Scherzer, John Wall, Alex Ovechkin, etc. all play for the same team. And, for that one day, those athletes compete against other cities' teams in one massive field day-type contest, playing games like tug-of-war and capture the flag.

Who would win such an event?

That, friends, is the topic of this week's Cut4Cast, and Dakota Gardner, Gemma Kaneko and Michael Bertha gathered together to discuss the options. Obviously, Gemma, our Detroit native, took it rather personally -- hence this week's episode title.

In addition, the Cut4 staff discussed a listener-submitted question about team logos, and put their spelling skills to the test in an MLB-themed spelling bee.

If you want to skip to your favorite topic, here's a guide to the episode: 

1:47 -- Cut4Cast Pop Quiz - MLB Spelling Bee edition

8:28 -- Which better represents a team: A cool logo or the first letter of the city?

18:43 -- If each city combined its athletes into one team, which city would win a field day-style tournament?

And when you tune in, you can figure out why we said things like this: 

Dakota: "At podcast school, the first thing they taught me is to antagonize the other people you're doing the podcast with."

Michael: "If it were picking between the 'P' and Chase Utley's face, I might be inclined to pick Chase Utley's face."

Gemma: "This sounds like something an insane robot tweeted in the night."