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Episode 16 of the Cut4Cast: First Annual MLB Mascot Draft

Cut4Cast Episode 16: First Annual MLB Mascot Draft

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The MLB Draft is nigh, so on this week's Cut4Cast, the supremely qualified Dakota Gardner, Gemma Kaneko and Ian Kay offer their most inspiring advice to the Draft class of 2015.

But that's not all! The team also held their own mock draft … for MLB mascots. Who was the first overall pick? You'll have to listen to find out. And in the wake of the "Giancarlo Stanton is a Kit Kat monster" scandal, they also explained which baseball foods can be eaten the wrong way. 

If you want to skip to your favorite topic, here's a guide to the episode: 

7:00 -- Advice to the Draft Class of 2015

14:30 -- Which mascots would we choose in a mock MLB Mascot Draft? 

28:57 -- Is there a wrong way to eat classic baseball foods? 

And when you tune in, you can figure out why we said things like this: 

Ian: Well, if I learned anything from Obama, it's arrive in a helicopter, because that always looks cool. 

Dakota: I'd show up to first base and be like, "Hey! Let's talk about Richard III!" 

Gemma: You have multiple fictional children? Oh, yeah, you have David, Pedro and Soup Dumpling. 

Ian: He definitely leads the league in chin. 

Dakota: He's not gonna hunt the cat! An adorable cat! Who is a DJ!