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Cute4: Two young Red Sox fans are not happy about sharing a seat

Why are these kids trying to share a seat when it looks like they have two available? Unclear.

It seems like the sister is really attached to her brother and wants to hug him, but the brother is upset that he can't focus on the game. He then flails about in an attempt to be released from her vice grip -- only to be removed from the situation by his father, who scolds them both.

Sox broadcasters Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo love it, of course. These two have seen a lot, and I'm sure they enjoyed not being the ones bickering, for once.

The father appears to be less enthused, particularly when he finally realizes the whole display of familial love was broadcast throughout New England.

Dude, don't be embarrassed. While the kids are fighting now, they'll have each other's backs when they get older.

-- Dakota Gardner /

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