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D-backs fan catches two home runs in the same game, throws Yasiel Puig's back

Fan catches two homers in one game

Back in 2005, the chairman of the department of statistics at Stanford University, Brad Efron, told ESPN that the odds of a fan catching two home run balls in the same game is somewhere between 1 in 1,000 and 1 in 5,000.

Telling Me There's a Chance

It's happened before: at Minute Maid Park in 2005 and at Great American Ballpark in 2012. Then, on Saturday ...

Yasiel Puig helped get it started, extending his hitting streak to 16 games by hitting a two-run homer to center, where Scottsdale's Cameron Wright was seated in prime real estate out in Chase Field's outfield seats. After snagging Puig's longball, he marked it "return to sender" and tossed it back out onto the field.

Fan Catches First Home Run

Did we mention that Wright had himself some prime real estate in Chase Field's outfield seats? Because he was also in good position to haul in Chris Owings' solo shot in the bottom half of the fourth. He opted to keep that one as a souvenir for his mom who was at the game celebrating her 50th birthday.*

*This is the part when you're supposed to "awwwww."


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