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Dad gifts foul ball to his son -- who promptly launches it back onto field

Photo and reporting by Gabe Kiley, Real-Time Correspondent

This young Cardinals fan had himself a souvenir for all of a second and a half before reinvesting his earnings back onto the diamond -- much to the chagrin of his father.

The Padres and Cardinals had barely gotten underway on Saturday afternoon when Seth Smith fouled a ball off toward third base. Padres third-base coach Glenn Hoffman tosses the ball to Jason Tighe of Russellville, Mo. who was seated right behind the dugout. Tighe hands the ball off to his son Noah because that's what dads do when they get foul balls. 

But while everyone was busy congratulating Jason on his great get, Noah was unable to resist the urge to toss that thing right back from which it came.


Who needs a souvenir when you can have an adorable video clip to embarrass your son at his wedding, some day? (They ended up getting the ball back, too, so they've got the best of both worlds.)