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Danny Duffy doesn't know what '1738' means, but loves that KC's fountains are blue for World Series

Royals' Duffy doesn't know what '1738' means

We have an emergency on our hands: The World Series is about to start and Royals pitcher Danny Duffy still doesn't know what "1738" means.

Earlier this season,the Royals caught wind of a song called "Trap Queen" by a rapper named Fetty Wap. You could say the clubhouse became a little fixated on the jam as they issued a team-wide mandate that players slip the numbers 17 and 38 into all of their postgame interviews. Failure to do so resulted in a team-inforced fine.

And here we are all these months later and Duffy still doesn't know that "1738" is a reference to Fetty's "Remy Boyz 1738" squad from Paterson, N.J. Duffy and his Royals teammates took part in World Series Media Day on Monday and Cut4 caught up with a few of them to ask about their favorite fan demonstrations, outfits and other public displays of fandom.

That's when Duffy confessed his lack of knowledge in the Fetty Wap arena and pointed out that he loved the '1738' shirts that fans were wearing. He also said he loves that Kansas City has dyed its fountains blue. Catcher Drew Butera said that it looked like the fountains were spewing blue Gatorade. As delicious as that sounds, we don't recommend trying to drink the fountain water.

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