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David Ortiz receives greatest, most David Ortiz-y hat ever

David Ortiz receives most David Ortiz-y hat ever

Step away from those trilbys and do away with those bowlers, fedoras and fezzes. (OK, fezzes can stay. But mostly because of the Shriners and their tiny cars.) Because David Ortiz has the greatest piece of headwear that has ever existed. 

On Saturday, the Red Sox slugger posted an image of his new cap that not only features a silver brim that looks like something from "Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles," but also features a faceless automaton using Papi's signature post-home run celebration on the cap. All hail the David Oritz automatons!

I give it less than two years before this cap becomes part of the required uniform in every school, office and nightclub. 

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