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David Price's dog Astro got the V.I.D. treatment at Dodger Stadium

The Rays are making a trip to Dodger Stadium this weekend, and David Price's canine BFF Astro will be along for the cross-country ride. When Price joked on Twitter about getting L.A. to trade Yasiel Puig to Tampa Bay last month, the Dodgers declined but made a generous counteroffer:

A month later, Price hadn't forgotten ... and implied he'd utilize Astro in a genius Puig-foiling scheme:

When the Rays arrived on Friday, the Dodgers welcomed Astro with a gift basket:

The note on top read: "Dear Astro, Welcome to Dog-er Stadium! Ruff, @Dodgers." Price and Astro were appreciative:

And also tweeted a better look at the contents, which included chew toys, a foam finger, a frisbee, dog biscuits, one blue shoe, a Hello Kitty Bobblehead, mini tennis balls, a Dodgers cape, a giant Dodger baseball and a hat that lights up:

Good for the Dodgers for making Astro feel so at home. We have to imagine though that they won't be aiming do the same for Price, who is scheduled to start on Friday.