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David Ross -- yes, that David Ross, the catcher -- pitched a clean inning for the Cubs Saturday

Sure, Kris Bryant, Destroyer of Worlds finally arrived and Bryce Harper established that he is decidedly not of this world, but I think we can all agree that David Ross won baseball during the Cubs-Brewers game on Saturday.

That's right, everyone, it's time for the game's most storied tradition -- three outs worth of low-80s fastballs and good cheer. Also known as fielders pitching in actual games! 


David Ross Pitching

This 38-year-old upstart sat Milwaukee down 1-2-3 in the eighth, so let's run through a quick scouting report: 

   • Flashes a plus fastball (can occasionally touch 85) with nice late movement to get plenty of ground balls

   • Always stays around the strike zone, the better to get the heck off the field and grab some dinner

   • 85 beard tool