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Your puny outfield walls are no match for Rajai Davis and his crazy dinger-robbing skills

Remember the jump program scene from "The Matrix"? You know, where Morpheus leaps between two buildings like he's taking his morning stroll:

We bring this up not because your worst nightmares have finally come true and reality has been revealed as merely a hollow simulation  -- although, SOON -- but to give you some idea of the ease with which Rajai Davis scaled the left-field fence at Comerica Park to rob poor David Ross of a home run during Tuesday's Cubs-Tigers game. Except, you know, Rajai Davis is not a kung-fu messiah in a trench coat with magically levitating sunglasses, so this seems a bit more impressive:

Rajai snag

We've been led to believe that robbing home runs is a difficult enterprise, completed by only the most remarkable athletes. Little did we know they could just treat outfield walls like children's toys.