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De La Rosa got a hit off De La Rosa, and no, that's not a mistake on the scorecard

De La Rosa singled off De La Rosa ... wait, what?

Let us pose a philosophical riddle: If you were somehow both pitcher and batter at once, could you get a hit off yourself? If you were pitching to yourself, could you strike yourself out?

Thankfully, we're safe from having to write a six-volume treatise on the question, because it's been answered. The record of Thursday's D-backs-Rockies game shows that, in the top of the fifth inning, De La Rosa singled off De La Rosa:


Wait … it looks like that's actually the Rockies' Jorge De La Rosa pitching to the D-backs' Rubby De La Rosa. The two pitchers, who are not related, are also several years apart in age, so that rules out some kind of situation in which one guy split his soul in half to find out if only he could be his own best competition.  

While we're a little sad that there are no clones or astral projections involved here, we are happy that it looks like our seminal philosophical masterwork is back on:  


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