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Watch Dee Gordon go full Flash for a three-run, inside-the-park home run

Dee Gordon flies home for inside-the-park home run

It's a well-established fact that Dee Gordon is an insanely fast human being. You know, the kind of fast that inspires stolen base trackers and breaks residential speed limits. But, mostly, his speed is station-to-station -- stealing a base, or legging out an infield hit. Ever wondered just how fast Dee really is? What would those wheels look like over a few uninterrupted, completely bonkers seconds?

On Tuesday against the Giants, we got our answer, and it was face-melting. Dee laced one into the right-center-field gap, and it was off to the races from there:

Dee Gordon inside HR

According to Statcast™, Gordon hit a top speed of 20.579 mph, and his home run trot clocked in at a tidy 14.298 seconds.

The scariest part: Sure, there was a minor misplay in the outfield, but he might've made it all the way home even it was played cleanly, which should definitely be an official stat from now on.

Any resemblance to superheroes or their television shows is purely coincidental. 

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