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Derek Jeter and Barack Obama are apparently playing golf together in Las Vegas

Jeter, Obama play golf together in Vegas

After a busy final season that was full of celebrations, fan tributes and some of the cutest hat tips in the history of hat tips,


Derek Jeter continues to remain in the public eye. He became a website publisher, acknowledged to the world that he's terrified of cats and on Saturday, he teed off with a fairly famous fellow from the D.C.-area:

The two are playing at the exclusive Shadow Creek in Las Vegas where the fee to play is $500 during the week and players must be invited from Friday through Sunday. While MJ doesn't hold the President's golf game in high regard, Obama should be able to beat the future Hall of Fame shortstop. Jeter's pre-retirement handicap was reportedly around 30 while Obama's is a solid 17

Regardless of the outcome, the President and the Captain must have enjoyed themselves as they decided to head out for an additional nine holes. 

There was one other celebrity who witnessed the two on the course:

This isn't the first time Obama's golf game overlapped with the baseball world, though. In 2013, he went golfing with Astros owner Jim Crane and U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk. Oh yeah, and the foursome was rounded out by none other than Tiger Woods. 

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