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Fallon catches Jeter's last game in NY, Jeter returns favor with Tonight Show appearance

Derek Jeter to appear on The Tonight Show

Just last year, Yankees legend Derek Jeter went on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and Fallon was kind enough to offer up a few suggestions for the Captain's walk-up song. Now, a year later, things are a bit different.

Jeter's career in the Bronx is over, reaching its storybook conclusion on a walk-off win against the Orioles. As for Fallon, he's become the newest host of The Tonight Show -- but he's still based out of New York, and made sure to visit Yankee Stadium on Thursday to see Jeter's final home game in person:


Yes, that's Jimmy Fallon, star of Fever Pitch, wearing a Yankees hat in the Bronx. That's how big of a deal this was.

And it turns out Jeter's a fan of his too -- on October 2, one week after that iconic walk-off hit, the Captain will join Fallon as a guest on The Tonight Show. 

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