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Cut4 Postseason Primer: Detroit Tigers

From 30 World Series hopefuls, only a few remain. In case you haven't been following every contender, here's a catch-up on what you missed and what to expect next. In this edition: The Detroit Tigers.


The reigning American League champions claimed their third consecutive AL Central title this season and will look to make another World Series run behind Cy Young contender Max Scherzer and MVP favorite Miguel Cabrera.

Detroit provided no shortage of memorable moments along the way, both of the ferocious Tiger kind and the more cuddly. Here are five favorites:

5. Victor Martinez refused to give Salvador Perez the satisfaction of tagging him out at the plate...

Victor Martinez

While Prince Fielder magically compelled runners to give themselves up without a fight.

Fielder tag


4. In 2013, Tigers fans were as fiercely devoted to their team as ever ... some more than others.

Tigers costume


3. The Tigers sent six players to the 2013 All-Star Game, the most of any franchise. Although he didn't make it onto skipper Jim Leyland's American League team, Joaquin Benoit's Final Vote campaign strategy won him a starting spot in our hearts.


At the All-Star Game, Prince Fielder hit a triple. Yes, a triple. Yes, Prince Fielder. This was his reaction.

Fielder reaction


2. Jose Valverde and Prince Fielder discovered doppelgangers in, respectively, the Comerica Park and Citi Field stands.

Valverde doppelganger


1. Thanks to Miggy and Anibal Sanchez, no one in the dugout ever went hungry.

Sunflower seeds

Fig Newtons


So, what can we expect from the Tigers in October? A few predictions:

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