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Hero Devon Travis swoops in to save a wild throw to second, gets the force out

Matt Boyd made his MLB debut on Saturday, taking the mound for the Blue Jays as they faced the Rangers. As such, first game jitters were in play -- which explains Boyd's errant throw wide to Jose Reyes' left at second base in the top of the sixth inning.

And yet, what could've been disastrous for the Jays was miraculously saved by a heroic Devon Travis, who swooped in like Spider-Man swinging in on a web to catch an innocent bystander from falling to an unfortunate fate.


Travis backhanded the ball and hurled it back to Reyes, catching a charging Adrian Beltre with the force out. Disaster averted. The Avengers should take note. 


Or, at least it was momentarily -- the Jays dropped the game, 4-0. But at least Travis revealed himself as the hero we all knew he could be.