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Did you miss home runs? Because Pedro Alvarez has a present for you

On Sept. 28, 2014, during their final game of the regular season, Neil Walker hit the final home run of the Pirates' 2014 season. What followed were 156 cold and homerless days for the Pirates. But that all ended Tuesday afternoon, when Pedro Alvarez used his first at-bat in the Grapefruit League to deliver a 3-run shot against the Blue Jays.


Alvarez's homer wasn't just a present for Pirates fans, though: You're looking at the first home run hit by an MLB hitter against an MLB pitcher in a game since October. Thank you, Pedro, for reminding us of how beautiful a gift a home run can be. 

And shoutout to Alvarez's new teammate, Jung Ho Kang, adding his own dinger two innings later:


It's good to have you back, baseball.