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Didi Gregorius caught the final out of the Yankees game with an assist from the Trop's catwalk

So there Brett Gardner was, camped out on the warning track, ready and waiting to secure the final out in the Yankees' win over the Rays on Monday. Poor Brett. Poor, unsuspecting Brett.

You see, he had forgotten one very important thing: This game was being played at Tropicana Field, and the Trop's many catwalks scoff at your puny fly balls:

Trop Catwalk

This one faked out everybody, including the cameraman, so here's a quick recap: The ball hit off of one of the Trop's two top catwalks -- which, yes, are considered fair territory, and the play is still live -- and came down back near the infield ... where Yankees shortstop Didi Gregorius was ready and waiting to make the grab. Ballgame over, your everyday P-Catwalk-6 in your scorecard. 

Gardner, never one to take himself too seriously, was ready with the perfect reaction almost immediately: catching the fly ball that never came, and calmly strolling to high-five his teammates. Which may or may not be the most heads-up thing about this play, given that Gregorius was aware enough to realize that a fly ball ticketed for deep left field was now flying at him all of a sudden. Tip of the hat all around.